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Daughters dolphin dream interpretation

THE DREAM My daughter had a dream about dolphins. She was overwhelmed with enthusiasm and was telling the story of how they were jumping around.

THE REALITY The young dreamer was just starting to learn how to behave properly. Since the dream she started to concentrate better and was communicating much more effectively.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Its an interesting dream in that it coincided with a change in the child's behavior. So its fair to say that the dream symbolises the new behavior that the dreamer was learning. Often the oceans symbolise how our emotions mix together with those of other people. So the good feelings which came from the dream show that the dreamer is in a happy state emotionally.

Dolphins are also deep and effective communicators. That is very much reflects the dreamers current state of mind.

Symbolic Meanings
DOLPHIN : "happy and able to communicate - the dreamers daughter is increasingly happy "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My daughter had a Dolphin dream last night. Since then she has started to mature and is a happy little individual. She is learning a bit more self control and listens more when I talk."

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