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Billboards and New York - dream interpretation

THE DREAM It was my birthday weekend, and my Dad was flying me to New York as a gift. In the dream, I had this unusual obsession with billboards. Every sign I saw I loved and Dad knew that, and it was one of the reasons he took me to New York. We walked around the city and looked at everything. He then told me that he had arranged for a surprise, that the biggest tallest billboard in all of New York I was going to be able to climb to the top of, and see the city from above. The guy I'm talking to in England was also flying in to meet us there as part of the surprise. He called my phone to let me know he had arrived, and was surprised to learn from my father how much I loved billboards. He said he would have to remember that in the future. We got into a limo, and rode to the billboard. It was night time, and gorgeous outside. When I got out of the limo, the guy in England was there, with flowers and balloons, and he had the billboard decorated in glittering colors, that said Will you marry me? At this point I woke up.

This dream about a billboard linked to the need to ignore exaggerated claims from someone the dreamer was "dating on the internet". Thats because billboards are associated with exaggerated claims.
THE REALITY The dreamer had just recently ended a long term relationship. Since then she has been dating a guy on-line from England. She has developed pretty strong feelings for him but has never seriously thought of marrying him. In fact the whole Internet dating thing seems a little silly to her.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams with our fathers in can often be very symbolic. They represent the need to maintain order in our lives. They are a warning that something in our life is maybe getting out of hand. The dream features this guy that the dreamer is dating on-line so it maybe a link to this very issue. So this dream then represents the dreamer exploring the need to adopt a sensible approach to he whole Internet dating thing.

Billboards are very symbolic. In real life they help to persuade us to buy some product. In this dream they represent outrageous and unrealistic claims that the dreamers Internet date is making. People who we date on line can make the most lies and even send pictures that are not of themselves(usually of very attractive people).

The dream takes place in New York. That's a symbol for something new in our lives. Its particularly important that the dreamer likes the billboards. Her father warns him that the billboards are important to her. In reality it means that the dreamer is aware of the wild claims that the guy is making and is insistent that those claims should be supported with fact. That the advert should resemble the product. That the man is indeed whom he claims to be.

In truth the dream probably represents the dreamers current thoughts - "I am dating this guy on the Internet but I am very wary that what he is saying is probably a wild exaggeration. So maybe its best to not think about anything serious developing from this until I know what he is really like."

BILLBOARD : "Wild claims made by the Internet date which make him so attractive"
FATHER : "The dreamers own responsible side"
MARRIAGE PROPOSAL : "Thoughts of a serious commitment with Internet date"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been dating a guy on the Internet. But I know I should be wary of whatever people say on the Internet. He maybe telling total lies. I am not about to let things get out of control"

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