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My ex has baby with new girlfriend dream

THE DREAMI was at my ex's house walking up the stairs when his new gf just got back, so we both went outside and he went to her side and they kissed. Then she had a baby with her and I realized it was his! There was also a part of my dreams where I was in my car and my car was really high off the ground and it was difficult to drive. I also went to the grocery store and bought a corkscrew for my mom's champagne and the people there were really nice to me.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer hadn't heard from his ex for a long time. However, the dreamer does know what his ex's new girlfriend looks like. They both seem very compatible with each other. Life hasn't been all that great for the dreamer recently. However she did recently make up with her sister and has made a new friend. The dreamer seemed to think that the dream was about her need to "get out of my ex's business".

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams are like short plays. Like all theatre the make the dreamer think. They have a relevance to the dreamer which may be different in each case. This dreamer had a dream (play) about her ex. She was realising that her ex was having a baby with his new girlfriend. She woke up and thought what is this about. It made her ask herself questions. She might ask herself questions like "I wonder if my ex is having a baby with his new girflriend?" or "They could have a baby because they do seem to be very happy together". But the key feeling that the dreamer had was "what I am doing dreaming about my ex. Its none of my business if he is having a baby with his new girlfriend. I need to accept that its over and move on".

The dream seems to feature two themes. There is bad news about her ex who is settling down with his new girflriend. The second part of the dream seems much happier. This is not a coincidence and clearly plays out the thought "I know I am still a bit unhappy about my ex and how happy he is with his new girlfriend. But I have a lot of things to be cheerful about. I should just forget him and concentrate on things that make me feel happy."

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