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Crashing down a huge hill dream

Steep hills in dreams are your minds way of exploring your thoughts about difficult challenges. These dreams may capture thoughts like "that's too difficult for me" or a quite different thought such as "I am coping with some difficult challenges quite easily now"

THE DREAM - I was on a bus going up a very huge hill - on the road to Whitby at Robin Hood's Bay. Its a very steep hill. Its the steepest hill I know. Its scary going up the hill in a slow bus. I always fear it will suddenly stop and go in reverse crashing down the hill. In the dream the bus suddenly stopped and started to go in reverse.

THE REALITY The dreamer was undergoing lots of change. He was achieving a great deal and was mixing with influential people. He tended to lack confidence and was really scared by these changes.

THE INTERPRETATION It is always best to see if a dream links to recent thoughts and moods. Key insights into your own situation. The dream depicts a crash. The dreamer thought about what crash like situations were in his thoughts. In real life he feared that recent achievements may be lost. The dreamer felt that his own lack of confidence would destroy his recent achievements. Then life would go into reverse crashing in an emotional breakdown.

The bus is a form of public transport. That could perhaps symbolise real life in that a bus represents other people. The dreamer felt life was sweeping him along and forcing him to do things that he lacked confidence to do.

Dreams tend to concentrate on new thoughts. This dreamer felt exactly this way and the dream therefore depicts his thoughts from the day before. New thoughts growing and sharpening. Worries about recent pressures and changes in his life. Life was going well but too well.

Symbolic Meanings
BUS : "not being able to trust properly"
HUGE HILL : " The dreamer was facing difficult tasks"
REVERSE : "The dreamer was lacking in confidence and feared recent achievements would be lost as things went into reverse"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been achieving a lot recently. But I fear that I will mess things up. Then my life will go into reverse causing a huge crash and emotional breakdown."

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