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Dream - end of world feeling

THE DREAM - I was in a skyscraper and I was realising that these were not being properly maintained nowadays. There had been some economic recession and I feared that the building would fall down around them. But we seemed to have to live in skyscrapers now and I was scared because I don't like heights. There was a strange end of the world feeling to the dream.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been worried about a elderly lady who was homeless. He feared that she was ignoring her problem and soon would be totally out on the streets. It was starting to shock him that someone so vulnerable would soon be totally flung out. This was a shocking situation which startled the dreamer. The dreamer was an alcoholic and maybe even feared that if this could happen to her then it could happen to him. The dreamer felt that this woman was a victim of Government cuts. Previously she had been helped as a disabled person but now that state support had disappeared. It was quite shocking that a Government which had previously supported vulnerable people was now leaving them to their own devices. Society seemed to be descending in a scary way.

THE INTERPRETATION This dream took place the night after the dreamer was truly shocked at the thought that an elderly lady would soon be totally out on the streets. Feelings like this will trigger dreams.

The end of the world feeling maybe taps into the feeling that society was descending. The dreamer always felt that the state would help vulnerable people yet this elderly woman was being left to cope on her own.

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