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Dream symbols - bitten by dog in school yard

In real life the dreamer had been worrying his eyesight. In real life he could not see in the dark. Therefore the dream explores the worst possible scenario - that he would lose his sight.

THE DREAM I am in some yard (it is possibly a school yard). There seems to be some sort of covered area. It is dark and I am not able to see. I know there is a dog there. It's all a bit confused and I either I do something illegal or something illegal takes place. The dog jumps out and runs towards me. But it just does it in an odd way running all along a section and then towards me. Then I am scared of being bitten or I am bitten on the hand.

GUESSWORK Very often dreams are related to thoughts on our mind before going to sleep. Here the dreamer woke up and stayed awake for an hour before going back to sleep. In that time period he thought of one issue alone. He was thinking how bad his eyes were. In the dream he could not see. He associated the dream with the issue of his site.

ASSOCIATIONS AND SYMBOLISM The following associations can be made with the dream.
1. It was very dark in the dream and indeed the dreamer used the term "it was too dark to see". The dreamer was worried that he was losing his site as he had been diagnosed with gluacoma.
2. In the dream something either illegal takes place or he commits a crime. This could represent the following feeling "if I lose my site I would not be able to cope if anyone tried to take a advantage of me. I would also be a danger". Hence he could commit crime or be a victim of crime.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dream dealt with the following themes

- The dreamers eyesight.
- The dreamers vulnerability

If you weave together these themes and relate the dream to real life then it could possibly capture the following thought - "I am really worried about going blind. I wonder how I would ever cope. I would become very vulnerable but could also be a danger to myself!"

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