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Stuck on ridge dream

DREAM - stuck on cliff I was stuck on a cliff or ridge. I could not climb down and could not climb up. It was virtually impossible to move.

THE REALITY The dreamer was suffering with arthritis. Recently he thought that this was improving and that he would recover totally. However, he now realised that he was stuck with this disease for the rest of his life and it was only going to get worse.

If your health is in a process of change or if you have been thinking a lot about your health then its likely that you will dream about it. Your dream will represent some recent emotion about this or some insight into your illness. Its clearly possible to see this dream as a metaphor for the dreamers illness. Stuck on a mountain symbolising the dreamers lief that he was stuck with this disease for the rest of his life. The dreams meaning is simple - it simply captures this thought - "I am stuck with this illness".

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