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Allowed alcohol but a precise way dream

THE DREAM - I am on Burniston road (near the old army barracks). Suddenly all the houses are moving. They move in a regimented fashion. They swing round and I have to make a move to avoid them. I am then in some workplace. There is a very precise way of doing things. People are allowed some alcohol with there dinner but its all done very precisely.

THE REALITY The dreamer was off work due to sickness but could not give his boss a time for coming back. The dreamer had been repeatedly told of the need to keep his employer informed.

THE INTERPRETATION The street in question was built on a former army barracks. The houses moved in a precise military type way. The dream repeatedly reinforced the correct way of doing things and the need for preciseness. The military moves with precision based on plans. Those plans are followed exactly. In this case the military nature of his workplace and the need to adhere to timetables was emphasised. It was a reminder that his workplace has to carry on despite his absence - and that he needed to keep them informed.

Symbolic Meanings
ALCOHOL : "the dreamers workplace take a relaxed attitude to time off sick but its necessary to tell them"
PEOPLE : "thoughts about what is appropriate behavior"
REGIMENT : "highly ordered and organized - precise ways of doing things - the dreamers workplace worked to a very strict timetable and so needed to be informed if time was to be taken off"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really should get in touch with work and give a definite time for when I am due back. I know I have been told so often that its OK to take time off and I just need to let them know so they can make some arrangements. But I am not sure yet"

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