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Friend has a baby dream

"I was wondering if she was pregnant as she was so fat." Perhaps this dream plays out this feeling?

DREAM - "Oh my god" mate you've had a My friend came into the canteen very pale ill looking,she said 2 me she felt sick and went to the toilet. Minutes later I went to check on her I heard her vomiting and she shouted over the toilet cubical "I've got really bad stomach pains,can you come into the toilet a second" I replied 'yeah' without thinking of anything and went in. My friend looked pale and had a worried look on her face and asked me would I have a look at her private parts,so still not thinking of anything I had a look down below at her private parts to my amazement and shock I saw a babies head. I just looked at my friend in shock and said"oh my god I can see a babies head" my friend replied with were did that cum from I haven't had sex for years and I cant get pregnant any way? I told her to stay there I ran round work and found a manager n told her what was wrong my manager told me to stop messing about and stop playing jokes I took my manager to my friend in the toilet. I went back in the cubical and left my manager stood there. To my surprise this baby came out and I was holding it with shock then my friend said to me" what am I going to do? What will my husband say? I cant take this baby home?then my dream came to an end

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:My friend at work telling me how fat she feels and she needs 2 loose sum serious weight.
OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : If properly understood then a dream will tell you how you feel about something. If something big has just happened then it will almost certainly be a dream about that subject. By decoding it you will be able to tell how you felt about that issue. That is not so terribly helpful... as you will already know how you feel. but it is fascinating how the mind decodes your emotions. By decoding your dream we can tell that you felt the following

The VOMITING and sickness shows that you recognise how upset your friend was. Physical illness often represents emotional upset in dreams.

The baby is more difficult. But dreams will use very odd symbols to represent feelings and thoughts. People often say that she is so fat that she looks pregnant. So it maybe the minds way of saying that. The baby maybe is just a symbol for her feelings... she feels surprised in real life that she has got so overweight so quickly... a bit like she has had a baby.

But I would not stress out so much. Dreams will often use really odd storylines to capture a similar set of emotions. This baby thing was just a vehicle to express her upset at her weight problem.

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