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Dream symbolism - fireworks at grandparents

Dreams link to our emotions. This dreamer had been inspired by some ideas the night before whilst reading - maybe this dream linked to those emotions.

THE DREAM - I think the place was my grandparents former house, and I think there were some of my relatives there (I haven't seen my father, grandparents and cousins for a long time now). Anyway, there were other people there.

I was sitting ( on a stone or maybe another pile of clay ) at a distance in front of the house and discovered a pile of clay. I took some and started to play with it, just feeling the good sensation it brings. There was an animal resting on a rock by my side, it looked like a cross between a dog and a ferret. Its fur was brownish gray and looked kind of fluffy but I didn't touch it. I found a piece of dog food in the clay and threw it away.

While I played with that dark clay ( I felt it needed just a little bit more water to be perfect for creating something ) one of my college's friends came and said she hated creating clay things(In real life she is very afraid of relationships and when we're talking anything about guys she gets up and walks away. ). I started to involve my hands with the clay like I was making a clay glove. It suddenly became night, and I saw a light spiral at the sky going downward. "Wow, fireworks, let's see it" - someone said. I had already went ahead and was watching the fireworks. They went straight to the sky, cracked and went downwards forming spirals. It was beautiful - but there was a hint of disappointment.

THE REALITY The dreamer was reading a chapter of a book which was about the subject of speeches at marriages. She expected a very corny text which dealt with superficial phrases such as "two souls that love each other". The speeches were good though and captured the mind of the dreamer. She then dealt with the subject of her own reasons for wanting marriage. The book was therefore a vehicle for some thinking.

DREAM SYMBOLISM The dreamer recognised the connection between the book and the dream. She had a book right after being inspired by the book so the dream represented the thoughts processes set off by her mind. It was then just a matter of decoding what each symbol meant.

In particular the book represented a new way of thinking which was a departure from the usual speeches she expected. The ferret is a strong symbol here. It is a creature which digs deep and ferociously hunts. Therefore it represents in the dream the deep meaning of the speeches within the book. In that way the dog food maybe represents the faithful old ideas that she was expecting.

Clay is a strong symbol here. It is extremely malleable and can be shaped to whatever you wish. So in this way it maybe represents how the dreamer had taken the ideas and enthusiastically molded them to her own purpose. She had thought through the subject of marriage and why she would want to get married.

The dreamer stated that fireworks often represented relationships in her dreams. Her previous relationship had ended badly 18 months previously. So maybe the dream represented the fireworks represented her previous relationship and the disappointment connected with it.

The dreamers friend from college maybe symbolises the way that she has avoided the subject within her mind of relationships. This dream represents maybe a change in that. She faced the subject of marriage and relationships thanks to the inspiration from this book.

The dreamer notes that she needs "just a little more water". Water in dreams can symbolise the use of the unconscious mind. Therefore it is connected with emotional issues, creative issues and any issue involving higher thinking. So perhaps more water symbolises a little bit of emotional resolve, or creative thinking in connection with the ideas from the book. The ideas engaged her in issues that she was trying to stay clear from. This dream represented a softening of her mind. The issue of relationships was now being openly faced by both her waking and dreaming mind.

Symbolic Meanings
CLAY : "using your imagination to mold and shape the ideas she read in the book "
DOG : "following the pack and being quite predictable"
FERRET : "searching out a deeper meaning in something"
FIREWORKS : "thinking about passionate things that could happen in the future - the dreamers idea of romance"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I started to read a book before going to sleep on the subject of wedding speeches. At first I thought it was rather predictable. But then later it got me thinking quite a lot. I started to think about my own life and how I would like my own wedding to be."

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