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Alligator,tornado and puppy dream analysis

THE DREAM I was at my school, and all of a sudden it was under attack by an alligator. It seemed like I was getting a rush out of running from it. It was HUGE. It was surprising that it fit through my school doors. I think that my brain distorted and made the doors larger. Anyhow, while I was running from it I ran into the gym and then I was instantly in some sort of battle. It was a battle of magic abilities. It seemed that it was me who spun around on my head making a sort of tornado spinning around me. It was amazing.

There was this one part where we were I was playing with a baby golden retriever dog. It was very very cute! But then, the people who were trying to keep the alligator from harming people, said they were going to use it to lure the alligator to them. I was horrified and tried my best to not let them but in the end I failed and when they put the little puppy in the water, it couldn't swim and I looked away and I'm pretty sure it died because the people looked away like they were sad.

THE REALITY There was a very strong issue dogging the dreamer at this time. Her boyfriend was about to move many miles away. Realistically this relationship was now doomed.

Dreams will often use a storyline which seems totally unrelated to real life but which capture certain key emotions that the dreamer is feeling right now. In real life the dreamer was feeling devastated because her boyfriend would move away and she would probably never see him again. In the dream she is feeling devastated because a puppy is about to be killed by an alligator. This puppy story seems unrelated but actually its an excellent metaphor for her emotions towards her boyfriend. Its likely that this dream captures her key feeling towards this situation, a feeling like "it's too painful to think about it. There is nothing I can do. This dreadful situation is happening right in front of me."

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