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Running away dream!

This dreamer was running away in her dream because in real life her grandmother had just died in real life and she could not face the future.

DREAM - Running away! I was running away from something. into the woods. I wanted to live in the woods. I was scared of whatever I was running away from. I took my dog with me. and he stayed by me.

This dream was posted on on the January 29, 2012, 11:07 by Paige. It was viewed 50 times


OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : I am so sorry to hear about your terrible loss. Understanding your dream of course will not make things better. Dreams just represent your feelings.. you FEEL as if you want to run away. You are looking for comfort from a faithful source.... dogs are symbols of faith and loyalty.

Your dog is probably a symbol for family and friends who you are looking to for support ... so really the dream just shows that you are needing the people who will stick by you through the worst problems .. best friends and family.

Your dream just tells you how you feel... but you already know that. But that's how our brains record our key emotions

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