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Gross dead naked bodies dream

This dreamer had just had a miscarriage. Perhaps this lady was trying to take her mind off this and the tanning salon maybe the ideal distraction. But the dead lady hints that she is too emotionally affected by the miscarriage to venture back into normal life.

THE DREAM I dreamt that my co-worker friend and I went to a spa and we going to have massages and get a tan. The beds we had to lay on were dead naked bodies of women. We laid on them like you would a bed. We were partially naked too. I could feel its flesh on my back. I was so grossed out but I guess it was normal at this spa. She had a huge dead lady to lay on because she is a larger woman, and I had a smaller one. Then I went in some booth to get a spray on tan. I was afraid of the hygiene, confidence and skills of the staff. I wanted out of there. I was afraid of the chemicals I would be breathing in. I did not trust them.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just had a miscarriage.

THE INTERPRETATION This dream took place in the period after the dreamer had had a miscarriage.

This dream concerns a spray on tan. That a symbol of the pampering of our bodies and the rather shallow pursuits regarding body beauty. After a miscarriage life becomes deadly serious and people may see getting a spray on tan as an unusual response to something so serious. For the dreamer a bit of beauty pampering maybe part of her own recovery. It maybe her way of taking her mind off things and letting her mind heal.

Yet she is afraid of the chemicals. Chemicals maybe a symbol for a reaction. So maybe she wants to pamper her body a little with a little beauty care but is scared that people may see her as shallow. When something tragic happens we expect a certain response. This is maybe part of this.

Symbolic Meanings
BED : "beds are personal symbols - this time it links to an issue which is very personally affecting the dreamer"
CHEMICAL : "fearing some sort of reaction - the dreamer does not want to deal with peoples reaction to her miscarriage"
COWORKER : "emotionally trying to work on something "
FLESH : "get really involved into some argument or idea"
NAKED : "people will see the true you - the dreamer feels vulnerable and exposed "
TAN : "pampering your body - shallow beauty treatment"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I want to go about my normal routine even though I have just had a miscarriage. It will help me get over the heartache. But I am worried that people will judge me and think I do not care about losing the baby"

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