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Stupid joey from friends dream

THE DREAM I am in the ruins of a tall building. There is some of the cast from the TV comedy "Friends" there. I make a judgement about Joey based on his character. He is an immensely stupid character who is an actor in the comedy. I then realise that actually he is the one with the most money. I then go about scaling the walls of this skyscraper.

THE REALITY The previous night the dreamer had watched "Friends" for a short while and thought how pointless and worthless a night on TV it was. The dreamer was a new convert to digital TV and this was the first nights watching that he did not enjoy.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams can feature strange subject matters. They often capture things from the previous day. Sometimes those thoughts can be on quite banal subjects. In dreams it is important to make associations and in this case the dream featured "Friends" - the TV Comedy. The only thing that came to mind to the dreamer was the previous night. He had watched it and thought - "Oh no its another of those endless repeats of Friends".

Dreams usually capture some thought forming in our minds. When the dreamer watched a few seconds of "Friends" it was the low point of a very dull evening watching TV. Since he had converted to digital TV he had many new channels to choose from. On this evening he could not find anything to watch at all.

In the dream there is evidence of those thoughts. Skyscrapers in dreams can symbolise things that we feel good about. They can here capture the positive thoughts the dreamer felt about TV in that the building is a skyscraper. Yet it is a ruin showing that those previously good feelings have now been ruined and fallen apart. Overall the dream did capture an important feeling within the dreamer - "up until now digital TV has always provided something worth watching. But today I was quite deflated. Watching the repeat of "Friends" was the final straw."

Symbolic Meanings
RUINS : "something is a total disaster"
SKYSCRAPER : "feeling good about TV"

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