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Chip shop and art teacher - dream interpretation

THE DREAM - I am somewhere near Eastfield estate. There is a fish and chip shop. A teacher from art school was there. I was nervous and worried about going there.

THE REALITY The dreamer had not been pursuing his interest in art and design. He had always done photography and for some reason he had not been taking pictures recently.

DREAM INTERPRETATION This dream was not easy to understand. The dreamer had been thinking how he had not been doing any photography just recently. He wondered if this might link to the dream. There was a connection with photography in the dream in that his old art school teacher was in the dream. So thats a strong connection with this issue.

The dream took place on a poor council estate. That may have some symbolic meaning. It could be saying that the dreamers life is deprived in some way. In this case it fits in with the idea that the dream is not pursuing his interest in photography. In that way his life is less enriched than before - hence he is in a poor area of town.

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