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Snake threatening me dream

This nightmare dream about a snake recreated the dreanmers emotiosn the night before as she was thinking about her abusive father, who had just died.

THE DREAM I was in a house with several people, I don't remember who. A small snake came around and we were trying to dodge it, then it went away. Suddenly there was a large black snake that was threatening me and I was very scared. I grabbed a box of some kind that I was able to trap his body in. In the top of the box it was open and I could see the snakes head. I then grabbed a spike nearby and stabbed the snake on top of his head. He was wriggling around still, so I moved the spike around to make the hole bigger. Then I woke up very disturbed and kept envisioning stabbing the snake over and over.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer found out about her fathers death. Her father had been abusive and she had fallen out of contact with him. She also found her sister to be manipulative and wanted to stay away from other family problems such as a brother who was into drugs and surrounded by bad people. The dreamer phoned her sister about this and ended up agreeing to keep in touch by email. Later she had second thoughts.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams are often about intuitions forming inside our minds. Most dreams then will be about recent events and thoughts forming in our minds. If something big happens the day before then the dream will almost certainly relate to this big event. It maybe will represent some key feeling.

If someone describes a dream as disturbing then often the answer is simple - it may link to something that they would describe as disturbing. The particular fear forming inside the dreamers mind was linked to her family. Talking to her sister after their fathers death brought them closer together. However, the dreamer made a promise that she later regretted. She said she would keep in contact through email yet she later feared getting drawn into family problems again.

Symbolic Meanings
SNAKE : "A dislike of her sister and her tendencies to be manipulative"
TRAP SNAKE : "a need to stay away from family problems and her sisters manipulation"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I agreed to keep in touch with my sister yesterday but I now have major second thoughts. I do not want to get drawn into family problems"

See how the dreams meaning is formed by linking the symbolic meanings with key insights forming inside the dreamers mind the day before

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