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Chased by police in home town dream

In real life this dreamer was made to feel that she was "doing something wrong" by her family because she wanted to move away. In her dream this is translated into an actual crime - pointing out this pressure that she is under and hinting at feelings like "they make me feel like a criminal for wanting to move out"

THE DREAM - I had a dream last night about being chased. It stuck with me today because it was so frenetic and odd. In my home town, I was being chased by the police and wanted a place to hide. So I ran into an apartment building under construction/partially constructed. The framed walls were up but you could see inside the apartment building from the ground. I ran up some stairs and hid in a corner of a partially completed room where I felt safe. It was half decorated and half see-through wooden wall frame. The police couldn't see me and I couldn't see them. After a while, when I checked outside, they were gone yet that harried feeling came back. I ran to catch a ride out of town, and did.

THE REALITY The dreamer had a car accident two years previously and moved back into her families home to help get straightened out. Now she was ready to move out but her family were giving her reasons why she shouldn't. She even wants to move out of the town she is in. Right now she feels suffocated and over protected. She feels as if she has become a personal assistant to her family.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams link to new thoughts emerging from our subconscious. In this case the dreamer was aware of new feelings as she really was determined to move out of her family home. She felt a similar sense of harassment from the police in the dream as she does from her family. The police signify the power her family has over her and their wish to impose themselves upon her.

The dream features her home town and maybe shows specific trains of thought. She does not just want to move out but wishes to totally distance herself from her family by moving to a new town. She feels that moving into an apartment in her home town will not be enough.

Symbolic Meanings
CHASED : "the dreamer feels harried and hassled by her family"
HOMETOWN : "The dreamer wants to move away from her hometown to get away from family pressures"
POLICE : "Police in this case symbolise her over protective family. Trying to impose rules upon her and having power over her."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really need to move out of town. I want to ove out and away from my family as I simply want to get away from these family pressures. "

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