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Grandfather dies - dream interpretation

Try not to read too much into the details of a dream. Crying links to sadness - just look for simple links like this

THE DREAM I was with my Grandfather. He appears to be very ill and then he died. I know its an extremely sad moment and tell my Grandmother that he has died. My Grandmother is crying. Later, I see someone who has got a fish from the fish and chip shop. They throw away the better part of the fish. Its just left by a bin. There are also loads of other half eaten fish there. Its such a waste.

I am then looking at some abstract form. It seems to be connected to art. I get the feeling that I am best at this subject.

GUESSWORK The day before the dream the dreamer was thinking about a relationship he had with a woman. He really liked her as a friend. Yet recently he was not seeing her so much because of her work schedule. He felt that the relationship was fizzling out. The dreamer felt that this was a pity as things were going so well. He really wanted to talk to her about his artwork as this was his great passion.

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1. People dying in dreams can represent relationships that we fear has ended. The death of a person can represent the death of a relationship. In this case the death of a beloved Grandfather can represent fears that a relationship has started to end with a woman the dreamer was friends with.
2. The crying in the dream reminded the dreamer of his great sadness that a relationship he had with a woman was fizzling out. When the Grandmother mourns for the Grandfather it represents the dreamers feelings of loss regards this relationship.
3. The feeling in the dream was that the dreamer was best at this artwork. In real life he did feel he had a real gift for art. His artwork was something that he really wanted to share with this woman. He had never got round to telling her about his great passion for art. It was something he planned for the future.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers feelings of loss due with regards to a real life relationship which was fizzling out. The dream deals with the following themes
- A great sense of sadness
- something that the dreamer is best at
- a sense of waste.

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -"The relationship is not as strong as it was. I used to meet her at work. I do not see her as much nowadays. I feel the relationship is ending. I feel a real sense of loss. I wanted to tell her about my great passion for art. I think its something that I really excel at."

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