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Helicopter and skyscraper - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I am on the top of a skyscraper. Then a helicopter appears. I get onto the helicopter and descend on that helicopter down the elevator shaft. It a bumpy ride on the way down but we get to the bottom without too many problems.

THE REALITY The dreamer was attempting to get a project off the ground. He was making great strides to make changes to a website. In doing this his other work was suffering slightly. But the damage in these other areas was not so great. The night before the dream the dreamer had been thinking of these very thoughts.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The skyscraper symbolised the high standards of work in the dreamers other projects. The descent down the skyscraper linked to the wish to get something else moving very quickly.

Helicopter generally will link to a wish to get a project off the ground. This corresponded to the dreamers real life so that's a fair assumption that the dream links to this very issue. The dream emphasised the controlled descent linking to the real life way in which the dreamer reduced his focus on other projects. This was in order to make major strides on the new project. Otherwise the new project would not have got off the ground at all for weeks.

Symbolic Meanings
ELEVATOR : "quality going up or down "
HELICOPTER : "high ambitions - doing something very quickly in the near future - fast progress"
SKYSCRAPER : "a high building symbolises confidence over others"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am under pressure to complete the changes to the website. But the energy I put into this means I have less time to devote to my normal duties. I am trying to strike the right balance. The website changes will not be completed unless I devote extra time to them."

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