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Dream symbolism - gave girlfriend phone

Quite often dreams are like short plays which show the direction in which our feelings are heading. Here the dreamer is listening to his girlfriends problems - surely a sign of his wish to sort porblems out in real life.

THE DREAM : I went to my girlfriends workplace and saw her on her break. She was burdened about her workload at church and was not too happy. I gave her my phone to keep. When I arrived at work I searched for my phone not knowing I gave it to her. Then my friend asks me what I am looking for and I tell him "Its with my girlfriend"

THE REALITY The dreamer was chatting with his girlfriend the night before ironing out some issues. He was worried and stressed out about this as he feared he would lose her.

DREAM SYMBOLISM Phones are very much symbols of communication. Often a dream will link to something very much in the dreamers mind. Issues that we cannot walk away from. His problems with his girlfriend were stressing him out.

Obviously this dream does link to reality as its featuring his girlfriend at a particularly crucial moment. But what does it mean? It does show him giving his phone to her. That's a symbol of him trying to communicate and understand her.

Dreams can pick on something quite crucial. Maybe the appearance of the friend linked to something that actually happened in reality. The dreamers obvious stress was maybe noticed by a friend or workmate. So the dream was partly about that. Either way most dreams like this will be saying more about how we have just acted and if it was correct.

Look to ways in which the dream may capture your actual reactions. Here the dreamer gives his phone to his girlfriend. Maybe that shows how much he is trying. It could quite easily show that he is trying as much as he can and that its up to her.

Symbolic Meanings
BURDENED : "The dreamer is sensing the emotional burden building up within his girlfriend."
PHONE : "A symbol of communication."
PHONE LOST: "There is still a problem in communication between the two"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - " I have been worried about losing my girlfriend. I am making a special effort to understand what she is thinking and feeling. Its still not quite right. "

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