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A plane crashes and cars spin - dream meaning

THE DREAM I dreamt that we were travelling to the US and the plane that departed before us crashed soon after take off. We were in the middle of the runway and there was debris and (strangely) cars spinning all over the place as we tried disparately to avoid them running us over. She just stood there in shock and I kept thinking you will get knocked. I woke up soon thereafter.

THE REALITY The dreamer was having serious problems with his girlfriend at the time of the dream.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If a relationship is going through major problems then these will often translate into dreams. It is just a matter of working out how the symbols are portraying your current emotions.

In this case there was a clear problem which was dominating the dreamers emotions. The plane crash is an obvious symbol referring to a possible break up in the relationship. This involves a possible play on words as well. The plane is going to the US - the dream is maybe using this in the sense I,you,we and US. So the relationship is possibly crashing.

The cars spinning round and the look of shock probably have some specific meanings yet its difficult to say exactly what.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
PLANE CRASH: "The relationship is in danger of crashing"
US: "Probably does not refer to the country USA rather the relationship as in you and me together - US"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I don't think she realises how bad things are getting. The relationship could end"

See how the Symbolic meanings link to real life emotions regarding the dreamers relationship

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