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Dream symbolism - nephew playing

THE DREAM I am with my family. I see my little nephew who is three years old(in reality he is an adult). He runs towards me and I am going to play with him.

THE REALITY On the day of the dream some building work was due to completed in the dreamers home.

DREAM SYMBOLISM This dream links to a very enjoyable family fathering and playful pursuits. The dreamer had had a gruelling time with building work disrupting his home life for some time. This dream would seem to anticipate better and more settled times ahead.

Symbolic Meanings
CHILD : "enthusiasms - the dreamer is enthused by this change"
PLAY : "relax and emotional rest - in this case after the disruption caused by building work"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "This building work is due to be completed. Thankfully things will be back to normal very soon. I just hate the disruptions."

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