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London river dream

THE DREAM I was on some huge river. I realised that it was in London.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer business was starting to build. It had received some big boosts recently. Now he felt he was entering the big league.

DREAM ANALYSIS : Often dreams depict big feelings. One way to intrepret a dream is to work in reverse. This dreamer had been thinking about how well his business was doing and that he felt like he was entering the big league. How could this dream about a huge river in London symbolise that?

The main symbol here is London. London has obvious associations with phrase "the big league". London is a capital city. This is where big business gathers. All the "big players" congregate here.

Why was he on a huge river? What relevance has this to his feelings of business booming? In dreams one big thing can be a symbol for something else big. Big associates with "tall", "important", "large numbers" and other random big things like "big feet". In this case a huge river was a symbol for a large amount of business.

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