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Dream symbolism about best friend from school

A dream about a best friend from school was triggered by the dreamer having a very supportive counsellor - who had been truely 'friendly'.

THE DREAM I was with my best friend from school(I haven't seen him for many years). I am pleased that he has returned. I keep enthusiastically talking to him. I am asking him what his music tastes are now. He doesn't answer.

THE REALITY The dreamer had had a very hard life and had recently sought psychiatric help. He was now starting to respond to treatment. He woke up feeling thankful of the help he was receiving and felt he had come to a turning point. He felt more able to talk openly about his problems.

DREAM SYMBOLISM If you wake up and feel new feelings flood into your mind then its very likely that any dream you have just had capture those new feelings. So lets see if we can look for links to explain this dream.

The dreamer woke up feeling newly enthusiastic. In the dream he is filled with enthusiasm and feels happy having met his best friend from school. This simply mirrors the real life emotions that he woke up with. In the dream he feels happy and enthusiastic ad in the dream he feels happy and enthused.

The best friend is a symbol for his newly found trust in his psychologist. Before he had not really opened up. But now he felt he was at a turning point. He felt the help he was getting was truly supportive. The psychologists and social workers were truly supportive in the same way that a best friend is.

When the dreamer asks his best friend a question there is no response. In a way this strangely mirrors reality. Psychologists often just listen. They often do not answer questions. They just allow the patient to talk freely to say what is on their mind.

Symbolic Meanings
BEST FRIEND : "Being able to talk openly and trusting someone"
BEST FRIEND DOES NOT ANSWER: "The dreamers psychologist often listens but does not answer"
ENTHUSIASM : "This captures the new mood the dreamer woke up in. The dream mirrors his own strong feelings and new sense of enthusiasm"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer -"I woke up feeling very grateful for the psychiatric help I have been receiving. I feel very supported and now feel more able to talk openly about major traumas which happened to me as a child."

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