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Dream interpretation - a cold house

Often dreams are easy to interpret. Unhappy dream = unhappy person in real life.

THE DREAM I was in this cold bedsit type place. It was empty and felt very eerie and ghostly. I seemed to be at the back of the house. The whole flat was difficult to heat and incredibly cold. I was looking at some neighbouring flats. They seemed much more warm and homely.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer was very depressed. He felt a total lack of trust in someone that he had placed a lot of trust in. He had hoped this woman would have supported him and stood up for him. Instead he had been the subject of gossip.

THE INTERPRETATION If you are in a highly emotional state the night before then usually dreams are very easy to interpret. Often those exact same emotions will be replicated. In this case this was the case. The dreamer was particularly depressed. He had overheard people talk about him and they were not saying very positive things. In particular a woman he deeply trusted was now seen in a new light. So how could this dream represent these feelings?

Cold often will link to negative feelings. In this case it captures the cold and negative feelings that the dreamer was drifting into. He felt that this would be a permanent state of affairs. A woman he previously trusted now was seen in a new way. She was gossiping about him in negative ways. This was particularly bad since she worked with him. So the future seemed very bleak having to mix with people he did not trust and wanted to cut himself off from.

The warm and welcoming flats nearby are perhaps a reminder of how things could be. But the dreamer did not know these people. Perhaps showing how the dreamer did not feel a warm and welcoming atmosphere was possible at work.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
EERIE : "The night before the dreamer felt desolate. It was a cold and eerie feeling "
COLD : "The dreamer feels stuck in a situation which is unhappy and unwelcoming"
WANTING WARMTH : "Definitely a wish for happier times"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have become very deeply depressed and feel as if my trust has been betrayed"

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