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Total destruction - dream analysis

Look for little concidences in dreams. This dream was being confortnational in real life and his dream also featured confrotantion.

THE DREAM I was in my home street. Next door to me there was a situation developing. The father was being forced into letting his daughter allow her boyfriend to come and live with them. In order to do this he was causing all sorts of mayhem. He was destroying all the nearby landscape.

GUESSWORK The day before the dreamer was depressed. He had complicated relationship with a woman who was a friend. He started to ignore her because he was unable to talk about problems they were having with each other. In ignoring her he was confronting her and in a sense forcing her.

The "Guesswork" stage of interpreting a dream involves spotting issues likely to cause dreams. For help with this click here

1. FORCING. The dreamer was aware that he was depressed and he felt that once his female friend became aware of this she would feel sorry for him and sort things out. In some ways he knew that he was confronting her.
2. DESTROYING. In real life the dreamer was becoming very anti social and depressed. He hoped this would pressurize his friend into sorting out their differences. The destruction represented the dreamers own anti social state where he was cutting himself off from his friend and everyone.
3. ANTISOCIAL. The dream was about people next door whom the dreamer really disliked because they were low class and very anti social.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers depressed state with his female friend. The dream deals with the following themes
- anti social activity
- forcing someone to do something

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -"I know she is upset with me. I am becoming really anti social and cutting myself off from everyone. I realise what I am doing is confrontational and maybe seen as an attempt to force her into sorting things out."

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