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Surfers heights - dream analysis

THE DREAM I was in some place in town. I was going somewhere where there were surfers or skaters. I was stuck in some place where there was this huge drop and I suffer from heights. I was wanting to confess and explain it too this person but realised it was not a scary height at all and if I tried to explain that it would be ridiculous. I would look stupid and pathetic if I admitted to such fears.

REAL LIFE The dreamer was scared of any social situations. The previous day he had to attend a party get together and had been petrified to even talk. People noticed his strange behaviour saying how he was very quiet. He wished people could understand this but he realised that people just could not comprehend why the dreamer would get scared at this.

DREAM ANALYSIS Quite often a situation will occur in real life and a similar story will occur in your dreams. Your dreams mirror reality. The story may be quite different yet one key feeling or emotion will be common to both.

In real life the dreamer had just felt "I sometimes want to explain why I am nervous in social situations but I am sure most normal people would not comprehend what I was saying." In the dream this basic theme seems to have repeated itself in a different setting as the dreamer feels too scared to walk near a high ledge. In the dream he notices how his feeling of fear is quite irrational as the height is not that great.s That corresponds to the following type of feeling "If I tried to explain my fears and phobias many just would not understand and might just laugh."

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