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Wolf Bit my Phone out of my Hand

THE DREAM Hello there, Last night I dreamt that I was talking on the phone with a man of whom I've had strong feelings for for a very long time. I was walking by myself in a suburban neighbourhood trying to talk with him; it was very quiet for the most part, but suddenly, many vehicles began driving down the street, so I had a lot of difficulty hearing him.

Still on the phone, I apologized and told him to hang on while I found a more quiet area so I could hear him more properly. I looked around and noticed that the side walk I was on sharply veered into a heavily forested area, so I headed over there.

It was definitely a more quiet place, but turning suddenly to the left, I noticed that a huge white wolf was watching me. I stopped immediately and felt completely terrified. I yelled at the wolf to go away, who then snarled and leapt towards me.

I screamed -- I thought for sure the wolf would attack me, but it didn't; it simply knocked the phone right from my hand and stopped. At this point, my mother randomly showed up and began to run towards me; I looked at her, then looked back at the wolf, and noticed that the wolf was running away in the opposite direction towards a grassy hill.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The man I was speaking to in my dream, as I mentioned before, is someone I've had strong feelings for for a long time now. A few months back, we attempted to have a relationship, but he couldn't go through with it because he had still been dealing with a lot of 'uncertainties' (which, at the time, had included a lack of a job and having recently broken up with his girlfriend of three years.)

This man is also someone I've kept in regular contact with. I know that, since all of those months ago, he's since gotten the job he wanted, but maintains that he's still not ready to try dating yet.

Nevertheless, I have still nurtured a strong hope of eventually having a real relationship with him. My intuition tells me that he hasn't stopped thinking about me, either. Sometimes I feel mentally exhausted and impatient waiting around for someone like this, but this is the choice I've chosen to make, so I have to accept that.

The night before the dream, I found out that his ex- girlfriend (the one he couldn't seemingly get over) was visiting with him that night. I don't know how long it had been since they had seen one another last, but I know it had been a while. Naturally, I felt upset, worried and threatened by this.

There is also this: before I found out about his ex visiting, I had planned on having a conversation with him about my current feelings. I know what I want to say to him, but have been dragging my feet with the actual delivery of it.

Posted at August 10, 2012, 08:05 by larinascimenta (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED August 10, 2012, 16: 5: 08)
Well phone dreams are often about problems associated with communication. They represent the things you would like to say but have not said. They could represent the feelings that you suspect that others hold. Obviously this dream represents your intuitions towards this man. I think the dream captures your wish to say something towards him but you sense its not the right time. The wolf could represents your fear that this would cause problems... and hence its a warning from your own intuition.

Iceberg Rose (POSTED August 10, 2012, 18: 5: 24)
My sense is the wolf is the way your dream represents the old girlfriend. Your mind sees her as a wolf. A "She Wolf" perhaps. The wolfs presence stopped being menacing to you as soon as it has stopped you sharing your real feelings with this man via the phone you were using.

The dream is giving you an opportunity to assess how dangerous you percive this woman to be to your personal desires for your future with this man. Its up to you to decide if you are strong enough to ignore the threat you percive and go ahead and tell the man how you feel. That's what I sensed as I read your reports here.

My common sense as a woman of nearly 60 years of age suggests it is wise for you to wait. It seems this man is not yet over the other woman and perhaps she is not yet over him. They may just be trying to renegotiate how they can move forward with a relationship that seems to have been important to them both.

As I read your report I could feel the yearning of your heart and the burden of your unrequited love. Matters that affect our heart can be hard to bear. I hope sharing your burden has helped ease your suffering just a little.

Larinascimenta (POSTED August 10, 2012, 20: 5: 15)
Hello Unclesirbobby and Iceberg Rose,

Thank you both for your prompt responses -- they

were much appreciated! I definitely feel as though

both of your interpretations -- albeit a bit different -

- both hold great merits. There is definitely an

uncertainty with initiating this talk with him (hence

all of my hesitation) and the more I think about it,

the more I think that this wolf might indeed

represent my fear of the possible implications his

ex-girlfriend might have on our relationship.

Either way, both your interpretations share a

common theme: it just might not be the right time

for us to have this relationship yet (if at all.) Thank

you both again for letting me share and giving me

something important to think on.

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