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Lots of large rats dream

DREAM - Lots of large rats running around I was walking in an area near my home and all of a sudden large rats started coming out of everywhere, climbing on walls and running around...I was more shocked than scared and remember thinking this is important to remember cause I am dreaming...then I started dreaming of a huge hairy spider I was carrying in a heavy iron cage - again I was not scared more amazed and shocked that I had it in my hand and didn't know why...

This dream was posted on on the October 26, 2012, 02:05 by Dee. It was viewed 9 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:The day and for month before I have been trying to deal with my boyfriends depression and constant talking about his past family (ex wife (8years) and kids - wont talk to him. He has for the 10th time agreed to therapy but I don't really think he will - he is trying to get me back - and I want to be with him as I really love him however I cant be with him until he sorts this obsession out because I am getting caught in his misery and depression. I cant help him as its his problem and I cant lift his mood but I am now sinking into his.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well rats are often a symbol for you having no quality of life. So that would be an excellent way of describing how you feel things would be if you got back together with your boyfriend.

You feel a real sense of surprise in the dream - I am not sure what that could mean. But dreams can use symbols in quite sophisticated ways. It could describe a tone in your thinking. For instance it could suggest thoughts like this -

"I know exactly how things will turn out - he will get depressed again and I will be dragged into his misery" OR "He says that things will change but I am not so sure."

The dream could therefore represent some very specific thought - expressing the tone.. showing that you know what's going to happen so why get involved again.
COMMENT Thank you for this...seems my dreams are mirroring the same uncertainty my thoughts have when I try once more and risk being hurt again in case this is the time the things will change....or do I say 2 years of promises and nothing happening is enough...shame the rates couldn't speak and give me wise rat advice! haha - thank you...wonderful site...
by deb

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