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Slitting wrists - dream interpreting

This very stressful dream simply mirrored the real life stress in the dreamers relationship.

THE DREAM My boyfriend - Jez - and I are in the dream, talking about eating something and standing next to a fridge. Jez reaches into the fridge saying he wants some quiche [I had just bought a vegetable quiche the day before the dream] and opens the packet, but then I see that he has been storing a big piece of pork pie in the same box as my vegetarian quiche! I go absolutely ballistic, grab and quiche and throw it at him and storm off. The next thing I know we are at a school, and I am running away from Jez, very angry, screaming that I don't want to be with him any more and we are finished. I run faster and faster, across a school yard and down a steep concrete ramp, then realise Jez is catching me up. I keep yelling "SHITHEAD!" at him. Then he's grabbing my arm, and we bump into Jessica and Tara [two girls I know from last year at university] and they keep asking me in their Irish voices, "Are you and Jez going to be living in the same flat again next year?" and Jez keeps saying, "Yes, yes we are" and I keep screaming, "No! We've broken up! You shithead!" at him.

I escape Jez and step into a classroom where I know I have an English lesson. I sit down in my seat, still fuming, and then proceed to wet myself, slowly but surely, all over the chair. Then I realise I'm too angry to concentrate in the lesson so I get up and carefully put on my coat so no one can tell I've wet myself, although there is a big puddle of urine on my chair. I storm out, bumping into the teacher [who happens to be Miss Hodgson from my secondary school] and she asks me what I'm doing. By now I'm crying and I push her out the way saying I have to go.

I head to a toilet and go straight into a cubicle and shut the door. Then I sit on the loo and take a shit. In the toilet also, as it's a public one in the school, is another girl in the cubicle next to me. She is crying and standing outside her cubicle is a woman I recognise as a teacher [possibly from my secondary school also but I can't remember her name in real life]. The woman seems to be comforting the girl. The girl is upset for some reason to do with her parents, not because they have split up but because of some other reason which I can't remember. The teacher is telling the girl that she went through the same thing when she was her age, telling her a long story about the pain she too went through, and is trying to coax her out and calm her down. The girl keeps crying and crying, sobbing and yelping. I finish my business and come out of the cubicle to wash my hands (I distinctly remember without flushing!). As I am washing them, the girl goes quiet. The woman starts to get agitated and worried, calling the girl's name and asking is she all right.

When she gets no response the woman opens the cubicle door. The girl has dark hair. She is sitting on the toilet seat with her arms crossed across her chest like a corpse in a coffin. Her skin is an odd shade of blue and her eyes are open wide, staring blankly directly at me. Blood is slowly running down her arms, streams and streams of blood, and I can see that while the teacher was talking to her the girl was slitting her wrists. There is no weapon or razor or anything, I just know that she had one and that she used it to kill herself.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been having lots of arguments recently with her boyfriend. In fact she was coming to the conclusion that the relationship had no future. She argued the day before the dream as her boyfriend had shown disregard for her vegetarian diet by placing meats on top of her foods in the fridge. She had also wanted to experience a wider social life with more friends in general. She was realising that she wanted to end the relationship but was scared of hurting her boyfriends feelings.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams are about emotions and there are no prizes for saying this dream is linked to her relationship with her boyfriend. Its clearly been on her mind and been dominating her thinking recently. But the trick is to see just how the symbolism works. We have a good idea how she is feeling so some evidence of those feelings should emerge in the symbolism.

Clearly the dream starts off in reality. She was very angry when her boyfriend placed meat products on her vegetarian quiche. Its a blatant disregard for her feelings and her own personality as vegetarian foods should not be mixed. So clearly this is a starting point to the dream and shows the situation as it is - her anger at him in day to day life over a specific issue.

The dream then moves on to these two girls. They friends whom the dreamer would like to make time to meet a lot more. They represent a link with the outside world(outside the relationship). The dreamer has clearly shown that she wishes to expand her social life so maybe the dreamer is asking the question "can I expand my social life within the relationship I am in". They are also clearly asking the question can the relationship continue. After all if they are not to be living in the same flat then the relationship will have ended. Clearly the dreamer has her doubts as she says she will not be living with her boyfriend. But, she also shows that she is aware that her boyfriend wants to continue the relationship as he answers differently.

The dream features both a school and a teacher. Schools are usually less positive symbols as they show you realising that some aspect of your life or behavior is failing. Teachers tend to be more positive as they symbolise an awareness of the answer.

Yet the dream ends with this suicide. Suicides tend to link not to the act of suicide but to the emotions so they show that you have totally given up. But usually suicide dreams will only relate to you giving up on some aspect or issue in your life. Here the dream shows that she has totally given up on her relationship and its ability to provide her peace of mind.

The corpse and blue skin show that the dream is going to carry on in her relationship. Yet she is not happy and in fact has died inside. The blue skin could suggest how she is become used to the arguments and desensitized to bad feelings. She sees her problems but feels unable to escape the situation. She had never broken up with a guy before in such a deep relationship.

Toilets tend to link to bad experiences and the fact that she cannot flush suggests that she is not making efforts to get rid of bad feelings and experiences.

BLUE SKIN : "Becoming desensitized to bad feelings in her relationship"
CORPSE : "She is dying within herself whilst in this relationship"
GIRL : "female emotions such as her own peace of mind"
SCHOOL : "Realising that something is failing"
SUICIDE : "A situation where she has totally given up(on her relationship) and cannot do anything more"
TEACHER : "An awareness of the solution that is required (e.g. leave her boyfriend)"
TOILET : "Unable to flush away the bad experiences because she is unwilling to leave"
TWO : "A choice between two alternatives - stay with her boyfriend or leave"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been arguing continually with my boyfriend. I realise what I need to do - break up with him. But I find it difficult to break up relationships. I know I am going to probably continue to be unhappy"

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