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Dream - shaggy man died and haunts me

THE DREAM For the past week I keep having a dream about this older, shaggy looking man who keeps wanting to torture me. He looked to be in his late 30's and had all my school peers to beat me and I can't do anything because my muscles are so sore I can't move. The rest of the dreams he's keeps getting older and he's hunting me down to torture and sometimes kill me. Last night he died but was haunting my house. It really creeps me out. I can't recognize the guy so I don't know where I'm getting this at.

THE REALITY The dream was not having a very good time with a manager at work. But now the dreamer had found that this manager was leaving.

THE INTERPRETATION A haunted house generally links to some feeling that you just cannot shake off. A manager is someone who in many ways can haunt you and torture you. They have control over you and you have to accept their wishes. Perhaps the sore muscles links to the dreamers tiredness and need to constantly work to her limits. In the final dream he dies. That can show that some phase has ended. Death usually symbolises the end of some phase. That would nicely link in with the news that he was leaving.

Symbolic Meanings
HAUNT : "someone who is not really there. The manager will soon be leaving"
TORTURE : "the cruel way the manager treats the dreamer"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I hate this manager at work. I have found out that he is leaving though. But in the mean time he is still here eerily haunting us with his presence"

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