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Friend making website dream analysis

Dreams seem so bizzare. Yet often a dream mirrors real life. In real life the dreamer had been especially excited the day before and in the dream there was a sense of excitement. This is not a coincidence

THE DREAM I had a sense of excitement. My friend was saying something to me. I confidently said that this was covered already in the website.

THE REALITY The dreamer was making a website. The previous evening prior to going to sleep he had been on the internet. He was reading something which was covered in his own website. There was a quote which could only have come from his website. The dreamer was elated to think someone had read his website enough to have used this very specific quote.

DREAM ANALYSIS Thoughts just prior to going to sleep are very important in generating dreams. This dreamer had a real sense of elation. He felt his website had been quoted on another website. It was such an unusual quote which really could not have come from another source. It is just a matter of working out how the symbols work.

The friend in the dream was someone very similar in many ways to the dreamer. Someone with controversial views which were often derided by the mainstream. The dream is really very emotional in its meaning. It merely captures one strong feeling from real life (excitement) and repeats it in the dream. The dream captures the dreamers recognition of this feeling.

Symbolic Meanings
EXCITEMENT : "This represented the dreamers real sense of elation."
FRIEND : "The dreamers friend was very similar to him - they both had websites which they both had a great passion for"
WEBSITE : "The website was a literal symbol for the dreamers own website"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was elated last night reading that quote on a different website. Its a very important point I had made on my own website. This other website made a metaphor which could only have come from my site. It was such an unusual metaphor. Its great to know people have actually read my website"

See how the Symbolic meanings repeat a strong emotion from the day before prior to going to sleep.

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