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Execution dream

When a judge wears the black cap the defendant should "fear the worst" as a death sentence is about to be passed. In real life the dreamer did "fear the worst" but in a completely different context than the dream

THE DREAM - the dream was about a death sentence. I was thinking that they would not dare. I was in some court and I felt that the judge would be kind. I then saw the black hat that a judge wears when they sentence someone to death. It seemed it was possible after all - they were going to do the unthinkable.

THE REALITY The dreamer had had his hours reduced at a community centre where he worked. He got along well with everyone there and it was a real surprise and had made him very bitter. He had been quite confrontational since. He didn't think he would lose all his hours if he continued to be confrontational but he had to be aware of the possibility.

DREAM ANALYSIS If you were sentenced to death then this would have a massive impact on you. So a death sentence in a dream could represent anything that would totally devastate you. Think of something which seems a terrifying as a death sentence. The dreamer in this case was already devastated by losing hours at a job he loved in a community centre. He had reacted to this very badly. His resentment was quite obvious but he needed to realise that to behave so negatively towards his employers may provoke the ultimate sanction - they might fire him. The judge having this power over him also tapped into his resentment that someone could make a decision that was devastating him. A judge has the ultimate power over people by passing a death sentence his power is almost equal to that of God.

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