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Idyllic house dream

Dreams link to important questions in our minds right now. Sometimes these appear trivial - this dream was linked to the dreamer asking the question "Why do I like the TV show - the Waltons?" Yet such questions help us define ourselves as people

DREAM - idyllic house I was looking at some idyllic house (it reminded me of the Waltons which I have recently started watching). It seemed to be a bit hidden. It then gets pointed out. There is a surfer (I used to enjoy surfing - it taps into something in the human consciousness). He seems to be riding this legendary wave. He is re-telling the story. It was clearly to be seen that this was no legendary wave.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The dreamer had recently started watching the old TV series - the Waltons. This seemed to tap into her emotions. She had been wondering why she was so taken with this show. All the other TV she watched was nothing like this.

It is clear that this dream dealt with some of the questions raised as she was discussing this in her own mind. The legendary wave is reminiscient of the idyllic old times that we associate with the Waltons TV. Its something that was never quite true yet we try to remember such times in fond ways. The truth of the 1930's was very different to the stories portrayed in the Waltons.

The idyllic house reminded the dreamer of the Waltons so that's a clear associate with the dream. Such associations with something that is in your mind are really good clues. If you can link anything in this way its usually a hint that the dream is about that topic in some way - in this case its about the Waltons and the dreamer thinking about how much of an effect this had had on her.

The dream deals with these types of questions as the dreamer thinks over them in her intuitive mind - "I wonder why I have so enjoyed watching the Waltons". The surfers wave probably portrays some kind of thought like "The Waltons was an idyllic past which never was. These golden ages were not quite as happy and idyllic as they are portrayed". But the surfers wave may alternatively capture this thought - "I think I have probably exaggerated how good the Waltons were - I will probably get sick of them soon". With exaggerated wave being an metaphor for the dreamer exaggerating how good the Waltons was.

But in some way its easy to see how the dream deals with the themes developing in the dreamers mind. The dream even used an identical phrase - taps into the human consciousness - which in the dream refers to surfing and in reality refers to the Waltons.

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