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Zoom in on meteor - dream interpretation

THE DREAM - I am on one side of a lake. I appear to be with a friend. There is some kind of meteor coming in. I see it very clearly. Then a second time I watch this and zoom in closely with some camera or something. But on closer inspection its not a meteor

THE REALITY The dreamer was trying to get an idea across to a friend. The friend was a keen learner. His friend had had a major breakthrough and felt he was really understanding these ideas. Yet he had made a minor error. The error was not spotted immediately. The dreamer wondered if it was a good idea to correct his friend because it might dampen his enthusiasm.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The meteor coming to earth represented the knowledge being understood. Yet on closer inspection the zoom lens revealed that this was not the case.

Lakes often symbolise a close connection and emotional involvement. In this case the dreamers friend had made a clear minor error. Yet should he be corrected. It might dampen his enthusiasm. So in making his decision the dreamer was taking into account the emotions and thinking intuitively. It was maybe best to stay quiet.

Symbolic Meanings
CAMERA : "an exact replay of what happened"
LAKE : "a decision that involves a real sense of emotional involvement"
ZOOM : "focus in in detail - in this case the dreamer spotted the mistake he did not spot in the first place"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "He has been a keen learner. He made what I thought was a keen breakthrough yesterday. Then I spotted an error. I did not want to tell him because it might dampen his enthusiasm."

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