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Public place full of happy women

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THE DREAM I was in this very public place. There seemed to be many joyous women around me(I am male). There was a hole in the ground and it was a magical place where people could pee in public and it was not embarrassing. I was thinking about having a pee but I felt I would spoil the mood.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had felt an immense sense of contentment. A group of women he had previously viewed in a hostile way were now friendly towards him. He had made himself quite vulnerable by revealing some facts about himself. But now he felt he was their "Golden boy".

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams can be about recent events and feelings. The day before the dreamer felt he had reached a turning point. He had seemingly won over a group of women who had previously viewed him in a very negative way. So how could this dream possibly link to this event?

Public toilets can symbolize embarrassing things. This situation in real life certainly did involve the dreamer revealing embarrassing facts about himself. The problems he had to talk about made him cringe.

Yet the dream also features a public place which is full of women. It was a place where they could go to the toilet in public. It was magical and full of joy. Perhaps this symbolizes the dreamers feelings about women and their ability to deal with embarrassing issues and talk through problems. Women can talk more openly and are better at communication. Groups of women in dreams can symbolize women and their tendencies.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
LOTS OF WOMEN : "The previous day the dreamer felt he had won over a group of women who had been previously very negative towards him"
PEE IN PUBLIC : "Embarrassing emotions. In this case the dreamer had revealed some embarrassing facts about himself."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was really viewed in a negative way by all those women but now I am their little golden boy. But I had to reveal some very embarrassing things about myself - in fact a little too much."

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