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Dream interpretation - world record cold temperature

Cold in dreams can be a symbol for delays and lack of progress. In real life the dreamer was very frustrated because a new camera was due in the post but had not arrived.

THE DREAM I am near my childhood home. I appear to be on the road somewhere. There appears to be some world record temperatures set. There are snowmen around. There are record cold temperatures.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just received a video camera that she had been waiting for through the post. But however, parts of it were missing. So she was unable to use the camera to the full extent she had wished.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Cold in dreams often links to lack of activity and lack of ability to really get started and involved in something. It can show that you are been severely hindered in your progress. So that symbol immediately links to a real life situation. The dreamer had received an important new video camera she had been eager to use. However, her use of it was severely restricted.

Dreams will refer to things but only by the emotions that are felt. The dreamer new that little progress could be made becoming accustomed to the camera.

Men link to male type emotions such as determination. The dream then shows that the dreamers eager enthusiasm was been kept in check by the situation she was in. The combination of men and snow (snowmen) show that eagerness has been slowed down by the cold.

Also the dream is a road dream so that links to your day to day progress through life. The dream then refers to progress on a day to day basis rather than some abstract feeling or emotion.

Symbolic Meanings
COLD : "delays and lack of momentum - reflects the real life inability to use the camera"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have finally received the new camera. But parts of the package are being sent separately. I am unable to use this at all. Its so frustrating having the camera but being unable to use it."

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