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Favourite Aunt dream and church

A dream about the dreamers mother was linked to her personality and behaviour. His mother was quite neurotic and the dream was saying something like "you are just like your neurotic mother"

THE DREAM - I am in a house. My favourite Aunt is there. My mother is there being her usual self - she is neurotic and acting in a bit of a retarded fashion. There was then something about church. Either we needed to go to church or had just been to church.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been going through a tough time. He was starting to realize that he needed to be more open to people. He had to change his ways.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams will tend to link to recent trends within our own lives. This dreamer was going through a bad time with a woman and generally in life. He realized that he had major personality problems. He needed to be more open and honest with his emotions. So how does this dream link to reality?

The dreamers Aunt had always been a positive role model. She was family orientated and very open and friendly. In the dream she is clearly in contrast to the dreamers mother who is acting in a retarded and neurotic fashion.

The church is probably a symbol of strongly held beliefs. It has great relevance to this situation. The dreamer had been growing in his own beliefs about his need to change. He was trying to motivate himself towards this.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
FAVOURITE AUNT: This Aunt was more caring and open and honest than the dreamers mother.
MOTHER: The dreamers mother was rather neurotic and unhappy with life - just like the dreamer himself.
CHURCH: Church's often link to deeply held beliefs within ourselves. This dreamer was starting to believe that he really needed to change. He needed to be more like his favourite Aunt rather than his mother.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know I have got to change my ways. I need to be more open to the world and people".

See how the Symbolic meanings link to the dreamers current state of mind.

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