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Dream interpretation - little boys playing happily

What comes to mind when you think of a dream? This dream about "cissies" reminded the dreamer of a friend who had made some homophobic comments.

THE DREAM I was a little boy playing with other little boys. We were eating sweets. I was sharing them out. One boy said that Easter eggs were not for boys. They were 'cissy' or a bit 'gay'.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been friends with a young man(17 years old). They both liked playing cards and were both a little immature. Just the previous day the dreamer had learnt that his friend might be gay. His friend had openly said things about gay people which were critical. The dreamer wondered if this was showing his friends difficulty in being gay and difficulty in accepting his sexuality.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream made the dreamer think of his relationship with a friend. He had recently found out that this young lad was gay. The dream touched on these type of issues by using anti gay language such as cissies. The dream also captured how they often play happily (like children).

The dream does concentrate on this anti gay language and probably hints at the dreamers friends difficulties with being gay. In real life it was his friend who had used anti gay language - not the dreamer himself. They had talked about sex and women. The dreamer had mentioned women he was attracted to. The sweets probably link to the dreamers talking about the women that he liked. The references to cissies possibly touch on this use of anti gay language. His friend had called him "gay".

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been playing cards happily with Jim. I found out he was gay yesterday and I remember how he was criticising gay people. He probably has difficulty dealing with this"

See how the Symbolic meanings repeat a strong emotion from the day before prior to going to sleep.

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