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Dolphin dream

THE DREAM I was dreaming about having sex. I did not want to and felt extremely guilty about even thinking about it because I am married. I am being chased by two snapper fish. They are coming closer and closer all the time. I despise them and shove them away. I wanted to catch a dolphin but it was too fast.

THE REALITY The dreamer was 11 weeks pregnant and was and was worried that she would lose the baby as she had already had several miscarriages.

THE INTERPRETATION If the dreamer has had several miscarriages then obviously she will be worried about having another. How could this dream be a symbol for having miscarriages. Well the dream has no obvious connections to miscarriage but actually it touches on two issues which could be risky for the dreamer. She might feel guilty about having sex and so the dream is linking to that issue (in a not very obvious way). Surely having sex could bring an increased chance of miscarriage. The dream also seems to capture the dream knowing that she cannot move fast and has to take things easy. So in an abstract way it deals with her need to move slowly and not take any risks which could affect the baby.

The snappers could also be symbols for the emotional state - and so not wanting the snappers to come close is a symbol for wanting to fend off the chances of miscarriage.

Symbolic Meanings
SEX: ""
FAST: ""

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have had several miscarriages and I do not want another. I have got to avoid strenuous things such as fast movements. I really feel guilty about having sex"

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