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Conspiring together dream

THE DREAM I dreamt about people conspiring together to fake something.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was due to meet someone the next day who was going to give her a job reference. The dreamer felt that this person was very supportive and definitely "on her side". She also got the feeling that she could virtually write out the reference that she wanted.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Dreams often link to thoughts and feelings from yesterday, and our thoughts about the day to come. This dreamer was focusing on the day to come and a meeting with someone who would give her a job reference. So that was clearly a possible trigger of this dream.

The dreamer only wanted a truthful reference. However, she had got the impression that the person who had agreed to write a reference was willing to write anything. Job are often hard to come by and everyone exaggerates to some extent. So people expect people to lie a little with job applications.

So a dream about "faking" obviously seems relevant here. But the dream seems to have caught this feeling "I would be happy with an honest reference. But I get the impression that she is willing to write anything. I think she obviously believes in me and really wants to help me get a job."

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