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Nearer my God to thee on Titanic - dream analysis

THE DREAM It is dark and I can hear some music playing. It is "Nearer My God to Thee".

GUESSWORK The next day the dreamer had a tough meeting. She was not preparing for this. She had been in a pretty harmonious mood the day before and it had not really struck her the significance of the day to come.

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ASSOCIATIONS AND SYMBOLISM The following associations and symbolic meanings can be attached to this dream.
1. The dreamer associated the music in the dream "Nearer my God to thee" with the film "Titanic". It was the last song the band played before the "Titanic" sank. It captured a moment of relaxation and peace just before the people on board were due to almost certainly die as the ship sank in icy cold waters. In some ways the bands response was comforting yet it was also an almost inappropriate response to something terrible about to happen.

DREAM ANALYSISIts easy to see how this dream can be linked to the dreamers need to prepare for the next day. This dream deals with the following themes.
- An almost inappropriate response to something terrible about to happen

If you weave together these various symbolic meanings and themes and link them to reality you find that this dream could easily represent the following key feeling - "It was only late last night that I realised what was coming today. The importance of what is happening and how tomorrow I will face a really tough test. I wondered to myself why I had not been worrying all night and in fact all week.".

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