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Feeling lost and losing wallet - dream analysis

This dream used cold weather to portray the dreamers low mood at the moment.

THE DREAM - I am near Carlise. I am on some sort of trip. Its very cold and there is snow on the ground. I am thinking its a good opportunity for taking some pictures. But I haven't even got a camera. I am with some friends who have been helping recently. I soon lost them though. I was attempting to find them again but ended up losing my wallet. I was in some sort of student union type building.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer was highly depressed and feeling worthless. The people in the dream were friends who had been helping him recently. Just then though he was wanting to reject their help and wallow in his own depressions.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams will often dwell on the night before and recent feelings. The dreams we have may - in the secret language of the unconscious - pinpoint key feelings and emotions. In this case it was not difficult to pinpoint the dreamers key feelings from the day before. He had been extremely depressed. The dream uses symbols to express

The dream then takes on a simple meaning. The cold links to depression - dark and cold nights. Lost symbolises the dreamers own lack of self worth. Wallets too link to your own identity and in this case his loss of self belief and identity.

So the dream made perfect sense in terms of feelings from the day before. It particularly linked to the dreamers own feelings - he was wanting to reject the very people who had been helping him recently. The friends who had supported him and taken him out on trips.

Symbolic Meanings
COLD : "The dreamers mood was highly depressed. Cold weather symbolizes cold and dark times "
LOST : "Feeling lost shows the dreamer feeling lost in life lacking direction and depressed "
FAR AWAY : "Suddenly the dreamer was in new territory. He had been extremely confident and had great self belief yet just recently he felt a total lack of self belief. This was new an unfamiliar territory for him - hence he is far away in a place not familiar"
PHOTOGRAPHS : "The dreamer had been a keen photographer but was not able to take pictures at this time because his camera was broken. The photography was one way he used to relieve tension yet right then it was unavailable. He often went out for trips with the friends in the dream. "
LOSE WALLET : "Feeling worthless - losing identity"
LOSE WALLET : "Your life is in complete chaos"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel really depressed. I have been getting help from some very supportive friends just recently but right now I feel as if I lack direction and I am worthless. I just want to die! "

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight about the dreamers health in the DREAM MEANING

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