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Dream - super fast chase

THE DREAM I was in a hospital and seemed totally lost. Some kind of growth appeared on my hand. It started off as light brown then turned dark brown. It looked very serious. I asked someone who looked like a paramedic of some kind. He said he would text someone and find out about it. I then lost touch with him. I wandered into some area outside. I heard this voice which told me to press one. It seemed like a phone or something - (you get messages on the phone to press one for this and press one for that). I pressed one and suddenly I was being chased and captured by some kind of machine type thing. I tried to duck and get away. Whatever this was seemed to enclose me and was going super fast.

THE REALITY The dreamer suffered from really bad depression and had been in psychiatric hospital. Now she had to get used to life outside. She was suffering again and was missing the help she had so recently received. She feared asking for help - in her experience if she told doctors she was really badly depressed and suicidal then they would call an ambulance and take her to casualty. This was usually a horrible experience. She would end up in a situation which she could not control and which would be overbearing.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream does involve a paramedic so if the dreamer associates something with this symbol then the dream could be about that symbol. In this case the paramedic made the dreamer think of her mental illness. She associated paramedics with overdoses and being taken to hospital and treated with very little respect by staff who did not understand mental health problems. The dream seems to also feature things going too fast so it maybe building up various symbols to show that specific feeling - that if she asked for help from mental health services then things would go fast and spiral out of control.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am suffering again from mental health problems. I want to ask for help but I fear that things would spiral out of control. Getting admitted to hospital is really traumatising. Paramedics and hospital staff just humiliate you and things go far too fast. It all seems to spiral out of control"

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