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Dream interpretation – work at the library

THE DREAM I am starting work in a library. I feel very out of place. There seem to be a few people there. I feel and act in a very autistic manner.

THE REALITYThe dreamer suffered from extreme mental health problems. Because he lacked a job he started to use the library much more. In fact he went there every day both morning and afternoon. It kept him occupied but he did feel unwanted looks from the staff. He was there so often that he really needed to start building a relationship with staff members. Some seemed very friendly but others not so. He really wanted to keep at a distance from them all.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams often deal with important themes currently in our life. This dream seems easy to interpret. It features a place where he was regularly going. It seems to be fairly straight forward in that it is about what it seems to be.

The dreamer was aware of his own awkwardness in front of other people. This accounts for the autism in the dream. Its clearly about his awareness of his own inhibitions. He was worried that his strange behavior stood out.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
AUTISTIC : "The dreamer was aware that he was not very sociable and able to communicate his feelings."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have started to go to the library a lot more. But I am there so often I have to start building up a relationship with the staff members. They seem quite friendly but they I really do not like talking with them as they make me nervous"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form some thoughts about his daily activities.

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