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Dream - walking obsessionally

THE DREAM A woman was walking over a fast flowing river. It was very deep. She was walking too and fro and without any regard for her own safety. Her actions were almost suicidal.

THE REALITY The dreamer was having obsessive feelings towards a woman. He was unable to act in a rational way.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream portrays a very obsessive woman. This dream simply captures his feelings as he had been acting extremely obsessively the night before. He was aware of this yet unable to control himself.

Symbolic Meanings
SUICIDAL : "The dreamer was aware his actions were self destructive"
OBSESSIVE : "The dreamer was aware of his own obsessive behavior"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer "I just cannot control myself. I am very obsessive towards her"

See how the dreams symbols capture an insight into his own obsessive behavior

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