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Dream symbolism - picture of sinking ship

Look for little coincidences or associations in a dream. In this dream there were doctors whilst in real life the dreamer was due to see the doctor the next day. This coincidence hints at the dream being about issues concerning the dreamers health and his doctors visit the next day.

THE DREAM I am in what appears to be my doctors old surgery. I am in a new job. I appear to be a doctor. I go into the front room. I start talking to some other doctors. I ask them a question "I know that the one thing I am not allowed to bring is this?" and I hold up a picture of a sinking ship.

THE REALITY The dreamer had realised his health was not very good. He was due to have an appointment to see the doctor the next day. He knew that he had to feel more positive about things and start taking control of his life more.

DREAM SYMBOLISM The dream features a doctors surgery and the dreamer had a doctors appointment the next day. So this dream is likely to be about that appointment and the dreamers feelings about this.

The dreamer is a doctor. That has a clear symbolic meaning. People have to attend to most of their own health needs and so in effect they have to take action to prevent bad health. So being a doctor suggests that he knows the importance of his own actions. That any illnesses he has need to be cured by himself and not by a doctor.

The picture is a clear symbol. Its a sinking ship. The dreamer felt that this meant that he tended to have that "sinking feeling" and that he imagined that any efforts that he had would end up in failure.

Symbolic Meanings
DOCTOR : "the dreamer is a doctor because he is starting to take control of his own health situation"
PICTURING : "picturing something in your mind - in this case the dreamer knew he tended to expect failure"
SAILING SHIP : "the dreamer tends to allow himself to be blown off course - he is vulnerable to poor conditions"
SINKING SHIP: "picturing something in your mind - in this case the dreamer knew he tended to expect failure - he has that sinking feeling"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know that I am going to have to start looking after my health much more. I let myself get depressed and I need to stop imagining the worst."

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