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Terrifying parachute jump - dream analysis

THE DREAM There was a woman who was about to jump out of a plane with a parachute. I was scared stiff. Absolutely petrified.

REAL LIFE The previous day the dreamer had seen a counsellor about extreme phobias. The counsellor would help the dreamer do things that she was too phobic to do on her own.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams are metaphors for things which are preoccupying our minds. Jumping out of a plane was an excellent metaphor for the dreamer extreme phobias, this was something that the dreamer could never do. These phobias were right at the top of the dreamers mind because she had seen a counsellor about it the day before.

Notice that the parachute jumper was not the dreamer. This shows the extent of her fears. She was petrified at the sheer thought of it. She was petrified even though it was someone else who jumped.

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