Dream symbols - snake eggs and PTDS

THE DREAM The reoccurring dream begins with my husband and our now two (grown) daughters and myself once again "living in the 1st house we bought together when our oldest daughter was a year old."

My husband and I are always going from room to room looking in the walls and under the carpets because we found snakes in their eggs, some recently born, and other eggs with their shells still intact. There are also more snakes crawling around under the carpet along the edges of the walls, which moved us to dig in the walls and we also found the same scenario in the walls.

The scene changes and my husband, holding both our toddlers in his arms is following me out the front door and were in a real hurry to escape. I thought he and I both knew to run for the car, I have the keys in my hand, but instead he runs to the opposite side of the house where our garden area is, I notice he isn't behind me, so I run the the other side of the house and see that he is in the garden area with the girls and there are thousands of snake eggs in the garden, some of them as cracking as I'm watching with the snakes crawling out and then I start screaming for him to run toward me and get out of the danger, then I wake up. I have not came to any safe conclusion in the nightmare and I keep dreaming it over and over. Sometimes, days or weeks go by before I dream the same nightmare.

THE REALITY The dreamer was diagnosed with PTSD by her Psychiatrist.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams will often be very easy to understand. They may represent some everyday fear or problem. A recurring dream like this will generally show a common situation keeps occurring. Dreams can represent personality issues and people with certain types of personalities will feel certain types of feelings often. They will tend to get the dreams when the same sets of emotions recur.

This dreamer has PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). It is easy to see how certain dream symbols will represent that illness. Snake eggs seem extremely consistent and could easily have triggered these dreams. The snake is an unseen danger. It is lurking. That is the same as someone suffering from PTSD. Their fears are lurking.

Dream Symbols
SNAKE EGGS : "A problem and fear which will simply not go away. The eggs provide a continuous source of stress."
FAMILY HOME : "A fear which continually affects family life and your personality."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I suffer from PTSD. The fears never seem to go away. They are lurking at the back of my mind. I am unable to rid myself of the fear"

See how the symbolic meanings form together to represent fears linked to PTSD.

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