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Failed suicide dream

The day before this dream the dreamer was feeling down about her appearance and this dream probably caught her rock bottom feelings.

DREAM - Failed suicide I remember specifically going into a swimming pool and telling myself to breathe - it was suicide. However, I came back up to the surface, my lungs still full of water, searching for someone to push it all out.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:There is a guy I have been thinking about, who says he might visit me over his spring break. The day before the dream, I looked at myself in the mirror before getting into the shower and realized that he would never be interested in me as more than a friend and that I would always be just a friend to him. I thought, I'm not as smart, not as quick, and I'm too shy. the day before that I looked back at a conversation and realized he didn't want to stay long at all, when all week I've imagined him staying for a big chunk of his break. I felt embarrassed and wrote a poem about it, feeling sadder than I have been in a long time. I still like him though. It sucks.


I hope your feeling better.

But remember that dreams reflect our emotions. Emotions are like the tides of the oceans. They go very low and next moment they bounce back.

I know if you are down then we sometimes hope our dreams will lift us but they often take us deeper down. I do nt think this dream makes you suicidal - suicide is a moment of real honesty and I think this is what your dream is tapping into.

Try not to think too much about this guy. Relationships are not that difficult - all you need is someone you feel comfortable with. He probably wasn't right for you

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